A Fond Farewell to Karen!

It’s the end of an era – Karen is retiring! Although we knew the day would come, this message is written with mixed emotions. We are so happy for Karen who is ready to follow new pursuits; but we are equally sad to lose Karen’s warmth and deep caring for our clients and friends. Karen became the face and voice of Deighan Wealth Advisors in November 1998. She quickly endeared herself to co-workers and clients. For twenty-one years Karen has shown up with an unflaggingly positive attitude; she has always stepped up to help problem-solve and to smooth the way to get goals accomplished. Karen has always said that her favorite part of being on the Deighan team has been working with our clients and she has done a superb job! While we will miss Karen’s many talents and contributions, we will be excited to hear reports from her next adventure. Thank you, Karen, for your years of dedication and loyalty to the firm and our wonderful clients!