2017 Maine Public Testimonial

We were delighted when Maine Public called and asked us to consider doing a thirty second video testimonial for them. We love Maine Public programming and share like values with the organizaion, so we responded in less than one second with an enthusiastic “Yes!” During the filming we had a wonderful time, but it looks easier to tape thirty seconds of heartfelt praise than it is to deliver. We instantly felt kinship with the Dysart’s couple who had such a hard time describing a “delicious buttery flaky crust”! If you have not already seen it, here is our thirty seconds of Maine Public praise and fame:

As an interesting aside, we can give testimonials, but securities laws dictate that Registered Investment Advisors must never use client testimonials in their own advertising. Most other businesses including banks do not have this prohibition, but RIA’s do. We are honored when clients say nice things about us; we just can’t ask them to. That said, we were thrilled to give a testimonial for Maine Public, for as we all know “It is far more blessed to give than to receive.” Happy New Year to all!