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Investment Management

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to build and maintain durable portfolios suited for a variety of markets over the long term. Our primary emphasis is on risk management. First, we identify an appropriate level of risk for each portfolio. Then, we work to maximize returns for that risk level. We do not chase investment fads, and we will never claim to outperform in all markets. However, we are committed to keeping ourselves and our portfolios attuned to current investment thinking, and we believe in our ability to add value over the long term through thoughtful asset allocation and security selection.

Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction

Asset allocation is at the core of our investment process. In order to properly manage risk within portfolios, we invest in a wide range of asset classes. These include traditional assets like U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, and bonds. But they also include less traditional assets, such as real estate, commodities, and alternative equity investments. It is our view that thoughtful diversification can benefit investors over the long term by reducing return volatility. We work to actively manage portfolio allocations based on our capital market expectations and the needs of each client.

Thoughtful Security Selection

We perform our own in-house research supplemented by several highly respected research resources to carefully select appropriate securities. Portfolios typically include a combination of stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and fixed income securities like bonds and CD’s. When picking stocks, we use bottom-up fundamental analysis. When selecting fund managers, we look at a host of factors, such as performance, style, consistency, and expenses. We monitor each security and periodically review our selections to ensure they are still attractive.