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Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is far more involved than just managing your investment portfolio. As Financial Planners, we provide a wide range of thoughtful financial advice to people who want better lives. As fiduciaries we make customized recommendations based solely on what is in our clients’ best interest. We help answer those nagging questions such as:

 When can I retire; and when I do, will my money last?
 At what age should I start taking my Social Security income?
 Can we afford that camp on the lake or winter getaway condo and still retire?
 How can we best manage college costs?
 Who will be there to help my loved ones with financial issues during tough times?
 How can we best leave a legacy for our family and favorite charities?

Topics may include budgeting, education savings, retirement planning, insurance review, and estate planning. When you work with us, you will leave with an understanding of your current financial picture and the actions needed to reach your goals.

Our Process

We follow the disciplined, transparent process outlined by the Certified Financial Planning Board. Click HERE for a quick summary of the major planning steps.

We Apply the Highest Standard

Not all financial professionals are held to the same standard of care. We embrace the Fiduciary Standard, and will always act in your best interest as we make planning recommendations.