2018 6 1 Inflation5

Let Us TIP You Off, Inflation is Rising

If you have filled your gas tank recently, you may have noticed that your wallet was a bit skinnier when …

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Sea Smoke Photo Website Ready

Jean Deighan Receives Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Top Honor

January 26, 2018 was a big night at the Cross Insurance Center for Deighan Wealth Advisors. That night, Jean Deighan …

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DeighanArtShow 39

1Q 2018 Market Commentary

Imagine you’re a mouse who’s been living in a well-stocked home while the owners have been on an extended vacation. …

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Data Breach

Email Spoofing – 2018’s Purloined Letter?

Recently, I received an email purportedly from a trusted colleague. It said, “Open this investment portfolio, review it, and get …

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Report Papers

Market Corrections and Winter Diets

Market Corrections and Winter Diets For some time now, we have heard that the market is getting a little “puffy.” …

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Maine NextGen – Don’t Leave Money on the Table!

Many Maine parents are leaving up to $5400 of college money for their kids in the form of matching grants …

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2017 Maine Public Testimonial

We were delighted when Maine Public called and asked us to consider doing a thirty second video testimonial for them. …

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4Q 2017 Market Commentary

The term “irrational exuberance” was first coined in a speech on December 5, 1996 by then-chairman of the Federal Reserve …

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Data Breach

Three Months Post Equifax Breach – What is our New Normal?

Three Months Post Equifax Breach What is our new normal? Recently one of my dearest college buds called me. The …

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3Q 2017 Market Commentary

“Autumn asks that we prepare for the future — that we be wise in the ways of garnering and keeping. …

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