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About Deighan Wealth Advisors

Objective, Unbiased Advice

Deighan Wealth Advisors, formerly Deighan Associates, was founded in 1994 on the belief that investors deserve objective, unbiased advice. As a privately owned, independent investment advisor, we serve as a fiduciary to our clients and are free to make investment recommendations and financial planning recommendations based solely on what’s in their best interest.

Areas of Expertise

Our team of highly skilled professionals has overlapping expertise in the areas of investment management, financial planning, estates, and trusts. We work predominantly with high net worth individuals and their families, but we also manage corporate retirement plans. We serve endowments primarily as members of non-profit organizations’ Board of Directors and their endowment investment committees.

Discretionary, Fee-Only Advisor

We are discretionary asset managers, meaning that our clients give us discretion to research and implement investment strategies on their behalf. We do not receive any form of transaction-based income like commissions, referral fees, or sales charges. As a fee-only advisor, our interests are directly aligned with those of our clients.

Ongoing Commitment

Continuing education is vitally important to us, and each employee must keep up-to-date with industry regulations and best practices. We are also deeply committed to the communities in which we live and work.